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Our Story

Sparkistic (spark + istic) is a software company started by two guys with a background in math, education, and programming, who obsess over bringing new ideas to reality. For us, new ideas are the spark that ignites our passion for solving problems and creating new things. In our mobile app portflio below, you can see some of our unique Android games and math-focused apps. Sparkistic also provides web and mobile software solutions to clients, and we provide training in the form of Code Retreats to software development teams of any size. Contact us to get started today!

Mobile App Portfolio

  • Want to easily show off your best photos? With PhotoWear™, you can easily display any of your favorite nine photos right from your Android Wear watch. Connect to Instagram to instantly get pictures!
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  • Just A Minute is a minute-forward watch face design for Android Wear. Stuck in a meetings all day and wonder how many minutes are left? Just glance at your watch to see the minutes past the hour!
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  • Spell a word with one letter from each quadrant, be fast or run out of time! Add to the fun and get extra points by completing special level challenges. Use with power-ups when you get stuck!
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  • FastFactor™ is a fast paced, intuitive, and fun way to learn how to factor... fast! FastFactor™ can be great as a self tutor or math puzzle. FastFactor now includes the factorization calculator!
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